Talent Management

We are proud to represent the commercial activities for leading athletes and entertainers.

We have experience across multiple verticals that allow us to truly help our clients tell a story, build a brand and nurture relationships, allowing them to stand out.

The ability to think differently is the secret to elevating your brand.

Winning Legacy

Built on the legacy of Jack Nicklaus, the Nicklaus Companies have global touch-points across course architecture and design, endorsements, licensing and exclusive products across various industries.

  • The global leader in golf course design having built or designed more than 425 courses in 45 countries across six continents.
  • The Nicklaus global licensing business generates more than $300MM in sales.
  • Jack has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands like Rolex, Nationwide, Ahead, Arizona Beverages, Toro and more.

Elevate Sports & Entertainment are proud to work with the greatest of all time providing strategy and business development.

Growing the Game

Golfzon is the leading global brand in sports simulators. Their vision is to bring the game of golf to as many people as possible through:

  • NEW EXPERIENCE – to build a culture where anyone can enjoy golf.
  • PLAY DIFFERENT – to diversify the IT+Golf business portfolio to become a total golf company.
  • LIVE DIFFERENT – to become an IT+Lifestyle culture convergence group.

Now, the group is aiming to become a Global Leading Platform Company to become a sport, entertainment, health & wellness business that can enhance users quality of life and build new experiences.

A family of brands

8AM Golf is a collection of brands including Golf Magazine, Golf.com, True Spect Golf, Golf Logix, Fairway Jockey, Miura, Chirp and Nicklaus Companies.

With a shared mission to support and celebrate golfers and the golf industry at large.

We value the traditions of the sport while encouraging innovative practices to help move it forward and reach new audiences.

Elevate Sports & Entertainment are proud to help 8am Golf globally with strategy and business development.

Future of Interaction

Sodyo’s patented technology allows brands and media to connect offline content to the online world.

Users easily scan a small unique marker and are instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice.

The technology differs from competitors uniquely, allowing for personalized data to be delivered.

Elevate Sports & Entertainment are working with Sodyo to bring this technology to the Sports & Entertainment space, delivering truly personalized content to fans.

Quicken the Pace

Tagmarshal is the leader in golf course intelligence software, optimizing on-course operations.

The industry trusted system provides full operational oversight and reporting, proactive, real time management of field flow and data-driven management, which drives cost savings.

With over 15,000,000 rounds of golf tracked their technology is second to none.

Elevate Sports helped Tagmarshal and the European Tour integrate Tagmarshal technology as a part of their pace of play solution for their tournaments.